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Kidnapping Defined

Kidnapping is defined as:

n. the taking of a person against his/her will (or from the control of a parent or guardian) from one place to another under circumstances in which the person so taken does not have freedom of movement, will, or decision through violence, force, threat or intimidation.

Although it is not necessary that the purpose be criminal (since all kidnapping is a criminal felony), the capture usually involves some related criminal act such as holding the person for ransom, sexual and/or sadistic abuse, or rape. It includes taking due to irresistible impulse and a parent taking and hiding a child in violation of court order. An included crime is false imprisonment. Any harm to the victim coupled with kidnapping can raise the degree of felony for the injury, even though the victim survives. Originally it meant the stealing of children, since "kid" is child in Scandinavian languages, but now applies to adults as well.

Kidnapping is a crime that may carry a lasting social stigma and serious legal consequences. Because of overwhelming pressure from the public, many prosecutors will stop at nothing to gain a conviction in these cases. And the potential punishment for a conviction can be quite severe.

Because of this, it is extremely important that you entrust your case to an attorney with a strong history of winning kidnapping cases. Doing so is the best way to keep yourself out of jail, or even prison.

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