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St. George, Utah, Personal Injury Attorneys

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Personal injury law typically deals with civil law as opposed to criminal law. Personal injury cases have to do with physical or psychological harm and how it should be compensated. Most personal injury cases involve whether or not parties are negligent or reckless. Sometimes a defendant may even be subject to strict liability, which does not require a showing of negligence.

Douglas D. Terry & Associates handle an array of personal injury cases. We know how to gather the documentation, witness statements, and other evidence to prepare a case, and we have the experience to explore the best plans of action for you. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t pay unless we win.

Utah Auto / Truck Accidents

Car and truck accidents can be devastating for victims and their families. For many accident victims, the prospect of trying to recover compensation and dealing with insurance companies is overwhelming. People involved in truck and vehicle crashes can suffer from traumatic brain injuries, soft-tissue damage, broken bones, fractures, internal bleeding, paralysis, and loss of limbs. Injuries can be worse when larger vehicles are involved. Because of their size and weight, semis and tractor-trailers often jackknife or overturn on major highways, causing multiple-vehicle pileups.

Our car and truck accident attorneys will fight for you to get a fair and just result. In pursuing compensation for injuries, we aggressively pursue compensation that may include medical bills, wage losses, and pain and suffering.

Utah Slip and Fall

In Utah, individuals in control of premises such as parking lots, restaurants, and supermarkets have a duty to remedy known defects or correct dangers if they should have known about them. People are injured all the time when they enter a building and there is some type of danger that causes them to slip and fall. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable, but anyone can be hurt if an owner does not keep the premises safe.

Some examples of slip and falls include:

  • Slip and falls caused by neglected spills and messes in supermarkets
  • Slipping and falling on icy sidewalks
  • Falling on icy or decrepit stairs
  • Tripping on buckled rugs
  • Tripping over debris left in a pathway
  • Slipping on wet floors without any warning

In a slip and fall case, it is absolutely crucial that you contact an attorney right away if you've been injured. Building a case means getting pictures and documenting both what caused your injury and the injury itself. Timing is critical since owners might quickly remedy the situation to hide it.

Attorneys also routinely call in experts to show the jury that proper maintenance or removal of a danger could have been undertaken but was not. Our attorneys are experienced in working with slip and fall clients to get them the compensation they deserve.

Product Liability

In product liability cases, consumers are injured by defective or dangerous products. Common products that have been the subject of product liability cases include defective vehicles or defective car parts (e.g. faulty airbags), dangerous pharmaceuticals or medical devices, dangerous or defective appliances, and contaminated food. There are three main types of product liability:

  • Manufacturing defects,
  • Design defects, and
  • Failure to warn.

Potential possible claims for product liability cases include negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty. Strict liability comes into play more often in this area because, otherwise, plaintiffs would have a very difficult time proving negligence. For example, it might be that an entire industry has shoddy, insufficient standards, not just that one company fell short on better practices. So instead, manufacturers may be held responsible automatically.

Depending on the kind of product and problem at issue, it may be that victims only have recourse against one specific party, such as the manufacturer, or victims sometimes may have recourse against every entity along the distribution chain. Our products liability attorneys look for every possible avenue to get you compensation. We know getting injured by a dangerous or defective product should not happen, and when it does, we are here to help you navigate the legal system so you can get back to your normal, everyday life.

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